Coppersmith is an established UK-based temporary recruitment agency and services provider specialising in large-scale supply of unskilled and semi-skilled operatives into the Facilities Management, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Aviation and Events industries across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.
Established as a start-up by ambitious university students, Our clients now include notable international retail, e-commerce supply chains, some of the greatest music, sports and horse racing events, airlines and airports. Having originated in festivals and other seasonal events, we have successfully diversified into non-seasonal sectors such as warehouse, manufacturing and facilities management roles.




Coppersmith was established as a start-up by ambitious university students, with its first major assignment being the recruitment of over 800 housekeeping and cleaning operatives for the 2012 London Olympics, and it has operated as a fully-licensed agency since 2015, doubling its revenue each year since. As part of a wider network of associated recruitment companies, besides the UK and Ireland Coppersmith has significant presence in Hungary, Austria and Germany and is looking to expand further as opportunity arises. Across these five countries we supply unskilled and skilled trade workers into a variety of areas including Agriculture, Industrial Manufacturing such as automotive, plastic injection moulding as well as Events and Facilities Management. In all countries we apply the same approach: we combine local and regional recruitment with wider provision enabled by our deployment planning and tracking tools, all carried out via our main recruitment hub.


We understand the high pressure environment that event and venue managers experience and the efficiency-driven, tightly financed and strictly benchmarked world of Facilities Management. Our core principle is that we are seen as a trustworthy supplier with efficient, cost-effective processes and a down-to-earth, honest approach, whether in Client relations or in the fair treatment of Candidates.

Peter Kovacs

Managing director

Trustworthy supplier – sourcing, screening

        We are proud of being labelled as a company that delivers. This has enabled us to emerge as preferred suppliers to many of our Clients. We have the tools available to source locally and regionally and to tap into European pool of workers, all from within our own organisation. Working from a central hub we can flexibly arrange for staff contingents to be built up at multiple locations simultaneously – bespoke to our Clients’ needs.

        Candidates are screened via a three-tier system: firstly, for RTW and criminal background; secondly, for appropriate communication skills and available references; thirdly, with specialised competency testing tailored as necessary for target roles. Using the synergy between our group of companies we are able to engage in extensive non-vacancy-specific recruitment drives through personal referrals, exhibitions, social media, job sites. We then streamline the flow of candidates across our departments.

        Candidates are at the heart of our service: making sure they are looked after is the other side of trustworthiness in our eyes. We provide extensive support services for candidates ranging from relocation assistance to innovative and easy-to-use payment-card systems.

Efficient processes – lean management

        We are proud to have sound and cost-effective processes be it sourcing, screening, people management, payroll, taxation, compliance etc. covering our entire range of activities. Our procedures have been tried and tested by our Clients and various professional bodies over the years. We say lean as we try to eradicate any and all complexity from our dealings: with one main recruitment hub responsible for our sourcing activity, despite the large numbers, we keep all placements simple and straightforward, and it is the same with our back-office procedures. In the fastchanging world of Events and Facilities Management this approach has proved to be more than just cost-efficient for our Clients – we act as an extended arm when it comes to quick changes in people requirements or in offering our see-through record-keeping for Client compliance purposes.

Down-to-earth, honest approach

        We are proud that our down-to-earth, honest perspective encompasses our entire business operating model. We are always motivated to provide the best possible service to Clients, but also ready to share frank projections, be open with difficulties as they arise and help tackle issues, all in a constructive way. Clients rely on agencies and we are constantly looking to live up to and honour this expectation.


We are proud to have received industry recognition for our works in the form of being shortlisted as “Best Crewing Company” at both the 2017 and 2018 UK Festival Supplier Awards. These awards and our large-scale supply to Ascot Racecourse gained positive publicity coverage in prestigious news outlets such as the online edition of Forbes Hungary. We continue to strive for excellent service that invites consideration for such awards in the future.


Having lived and breathed the UK Events and FM industries in the past few years, and witnessed the value-added contributed by EU workers at all locations, we see Brexit as an outstanding opportunity to gain first mover advantage as the environment evolves. We have worked ahead – we are one of the few UK companies possessing a UK GLAA-accredited associated recruitment company in Europe. This allows us to give our Clients confidence in our ability to continue supplying workers from an EU-27 background and competence on matters relating to post-Brexit changes, subject of course to intergovernmental agreements on future trading arrangements.


We recognise labour welfare as an essential part of our offer. In all jurisdictions we supply to, we make sure candidates are looked after in the best possible way taking into account local provisions, accommodation options and the demands of continuous customer service. Making sure candidate expectations match reality has never been more important for recruitment agencies.

Our main sourcing unit holds the UK Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) License, issued by the Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) of that name governed by an independent Board made up of a chair and six members, who were recruited for their respective knowledge, experience and skills. The GLAA’s licensing scheme regulates businesses that provide workers to the fresh produce supply chain and horticulture industry and thereby ensure they meet the employment standards required by law.

In accordance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, we as a company pledge to take all measures necessary to make sure we prevent any form of modern slavery or human trafficking, especially in the following ways: a) overseeing grievance procedures and whistleblowing procedures if cases are suspected or found; b) training staff about modern slavery issues and measuring changes in awareness of risk; c) oversight of suppliers in relevant supply chains for goods and services; d) conducting ample supplier due diligence visits as necessary.



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