About Us

Coppersmith Recruitment and Services provide temporary and permanent recruitment solutions across the United Kingdom. 

We work with a variety of businesses in industries including Facility Management, Food Production, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Aviation, Education, Healthcare and many more. Established as a start-up by ambitious university students our award winning recruitment services are utilised by businesses big and small.

Our business pillars of transparency, honesty and efficiency have given us a clear brand identity. We aim to take the headache out of recruitment saving you time and money. Our holistic recruitment approach aims to get behind our clients business and assist them improving their efficiency by sharing all important data analytics and industry trends.

We understand that your business is your pride and joy and we will make sure that it is represented throughout the candidate journey.

Looking after potential new recruits is a crucial aspect of the recruitment process, as it helps create a positive impression of your company and ensures a smooth onboarding experience for new hires.

Your Applicants

Here’s a detailed look at how Coppersmith looks after your applicants:

Clear Communication

Maintain transparent and timely communication throughout the recruitment process. Keep candidates informed about their application status, next steps, and timelines. Respond promptly to any queries or concerns they might have.

Personalised Interaction

Tailor your interactions with candidates to make them feel valued and appreciated. Address them by their name and acknowledge specific details from their resume or interviews to show that you genuinely care about their individual strengths and experiences.

Provide Information

Offer comprehensive information about your company, its culture, values, and the role they are applying for. This could be through an engaging company website, an informational brochure, or an online video presentation. Being well-informed helps candidates make better decisions.

Offer a Positive Experience

Create a positive and engaging candidate experience. Be respectful of their time during interviews, and ensure the interviewers are well-prepared. A positive experience can leave a lasting impression, regardless of whether the candidate gets hired or not.

Be Honest

Be transparent about the job role, responsibilities, and potential challenges. Set realistic expectations about the position, the team they’ll work with, and the company’s growth opportunities.


Provide constructive feedback to candidates after interviews or assessments. This helps candidates understand areas for improvement and shows that you genuinely care about their growth.

Timely Follow-ups

After interviews or assessments, promptly follow up with candidates to let them know the outcome. If they are selected, discuss the next steps in the onboarding process.

Regular Updates

If there are any delays or changes in the hiring timeline, communicate these changes promptly to keep candidates in the loop.

Personal Touch

Consider sending personalised thank-you notes or emails after the interview, expressing gratitude for their interest in the company and the time they invested.

Continuous Engagement

Keep potential new recruits engaged even after the interview process. Invite them to company events, webinars, or newsletters to showcase your company culture and initiatives.

Coppersmith Recruitment are your Simple Honest Recruitment Company ready to support you in your recruitment requirements big or small.